Cincinnati Hearing Center


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Cincinnati Hearing Center

Hearing Aid Discounts and Other Specials

Hear at Home with Phonak! Special pricing available for Phonak accessories. 

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. With lengthy periods of social distancing, comes increased needs for those living with hearing loss. We are all watching more TV to stay current on the news, having one-on-one conversations with loved ones and being vigilant with cleanliness. 

We want to help you "Hear at Home" with Phonak accessories that mean the most to you right now. 

Connect your Marvel hearing aids to your TV to stream directly to your ears!


A remote microphone allows you to hear loved ones better than ever!


Clean and sanitize your hearing aids with the UV-C light from the D-Dry+


Call 513-598-9444 today to schedule your hearing evaluation! 

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