Patient Testimonials

“I can finally hear for the first time in my 60-year life. I am so excited and grateful!”

S. Illing

“I can now participate in meetings at work. I can also now have a dialogue with my small grandchildren—little voices were hard to hear. Although I live in Northern Kentucky, the few extra miles were worth the results. I will go nowhere else.”

—F. Goodman

“They are very thorough, from the exam to the solution, and they offered help for my tinnitus, which another provider said wasn’t possible.”

—G. Eckel

“I hear better and have much more physical comfort. I’m much less self-conscious—more confident and less confused in conversations. From start to finish, the people, product knowledge, concern and assistance, professionalism, testing expertise, and advice is outstanding.”

—R. Zinnecker

“They gave me my social life back!”

—J. Bratfish

“I would and have recommended them to fellow workers and friends. On a scale of one to ten, I give them an 11.”

—C. Moore

“This office is exceptional. The entire staff is terrific. I would recommend them to anyone. . . . They go above and beyond to accommodate.”

—V. Fulton

“I am now able to understand words and contribute without asking others to repeat. There were times that my wife said I looked like I was out of it. It made me look a lot older. After visiting similar businesses, I know that my family and friends would feel completely at ease in the environment.”

—S. Ries

“I am extremely satisfied with the gentle concern for my disability. As a teacher of young children, it is imperative that I be able to hear their soft voices. My hearing aids have allowed me to overcome the often-frustrating inability to hear their responses.”

“I appreciated the lack of pressure; the friendliness and office personnel were also a plus!”

—Susan Taylor

“From the moment I walked in, everyone made me feel welcome and sincerely cared about my needs and the difficulties I was experiencing. It has truly changed my life.”

—L. Weeks